Player Profile

#1 Daniela de Kervor

Hi, my name is Daniela de Kervor, but most everybody at LC calls me Dani or D. I’m a sophomore DS/L from La Jolla, CA. I’m planning on majoring in Biology/pre-med with a minor in Psychology or Neuroscience, and hope to attend nursing school or med school, not really sure what I’ll be doing after that. I love traveling, the ocean, big cats, and sushi. I played for 5 seasons at Coast volleyball club and 2 years of varsity at La Jolla high school.

#2 Alexe Navarro

I am from Honolulu HI. I love li hing shave ice and hurricane popcorn. I am in love with Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. I enjoy dancing ballet and contempt. I am undecided in what I want to major in.I started playing volleyball in the 6th grade.   I also like playing basketball, softball, soccer, and judo.

#3 Vanessa Hall

Hello. My name is Ness (yes, like the Loch Ness Monster, RAWR). I hail from Las Vegas. Yes, the crazy Las Vegas, but don’t worry I’m “normal”, or am I. . . I love the beach because it makes sense to have a bunch of hot sand next to an ocean instead of in a landlocked sweatbox. I learn about International things at school and enjoy that. This spring I will be making the trek to learn in Ecuador. Hopefully my Spanish holds up.

#4 Isabel Valentine

HOLLA SHOCK COLLA MY LOVELY SASSES. My name is Isabel/Izzy/Sass Panther. I play middle. I come from the place called West Linn. I am a mermaid. I like art. I want to teach children to like art. I am of an undetermined grade.

#5 Kelsie Dorpat

Sup peeps. I am Kershy Derpert from the Island (affectionately called MY ISLAND). I am a LOUD person. I love my family, especially my BROTHER. His name is JAMESON. I am a setter which means that I SET with my HANDS and sometimes I DUMP ON THE OTHER COURT BECAUSE I LIKE GETTING KILLS. I am a SSSEEEENNNIIIOOOORRRRR and I learn about Psych. EHLO GOVNA! (that means I went to England). LCVB IS MY LOVE!

#6 Ali Carleton

To those who don’t know me but should, my name is Carl. I enjoy playing the game of volleyball and going to a college called Lewis & Clark to fill my brain with knowledge. I have a fear of feet, possibly. I also enjoy stargazing at dawn looking to the East, just in case Gandalf shows up with the Riders of Rohirrim to save the people sieged in at Helm’s Deep and win victory over the forces of the traitorous Saruman. But that’s just a little about me.

#7 Kayla Ernewein

Hi all! My name is Kayla Ernewein. I am a senior from Warrensburg, MO, a small country town. I am a middle/right side hitter. I am a Religious Studies major and a Classical Studies minor but I have literally no idea what I want to do when I grow up. Maybe I just won’t grow up and just travel the world. I also happen to be a member of the Lewis & Clark swim team where I swim short distances really fast.

Fun Facts about me:

– I love to travel and am still contemplating a year long world tour as a scuba bum.

– I want to walk the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome.

– I love the shows Modern Family and Once Upon a Time.

– I love food!!!

– I am prone to sporadic dancing.

– I enjoy the water and almost all activities surrounding it (i.e. wakeboarding, tubing, skiiing, swimming)

– Family Reunions are the highlight of my life.

– My favorite color is purple.

#8 Brigitte Russo

Hi, my  name is Brigitte Russo, well technically my name is Brigitte-Gregoria Annalisa Ululani Kekahiliokalani Russo, but “B” is just fine :-). I lived in Italy for 11 years, Sicilia to be exact. When I was 11 my mom decided to move back home, where she was from, Honolulu, O’ahu, Hawai’i. I didn’t know any English at the time and hit the Kapahulu Public Library every day. It was pitiful actually, I found myself with a huge Italian/English Dictionary, dozens of index cards, and books that had a maximum of three words per page. I had 3 months to learn English as my mom enrolled me to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. I kept working hard and watched TV constantly. The first day of school came quick, but I fit in well with the ESL kids (English as a Second Language). I slowly moved on to regular English and towards the end to advanced English. I then attended Star of the Sea School where I joined the volleyball and basketball team. I tested out of ESL there as well and became the student body president my 8th grade year. That year I played for Asics Rainbows VBC and won the JOs gold metal for the 14U group. I then graduated and went to Punahou High School, where I pursued volleyball. I made the varsity team as a freshman. Then my sophomore my high school team and I came in second at the Hawai’i High School State Championships. I received honorable mention that year. That was the year I played club volleyball with Jammers VBC and won the Las Vegas Invitational 1st place for the 17U division. My junior year my high school team and I won the ILH Championship and came in second at the State Championship, I got honorable mention and second 2nd All-tournament team. I also was given the Principal Award, an award given to only 4 students out of 437 with academic and moral achievements. My senior year my high school team and I won the ILH Championship and came in second at the State Championship, I got honorable mention, 1st All-tournament team, was selected as part of the Fab-14 in Hawai’i, was selected for the Senior All-Star game, and received the MVP award for that game. I also received the Principal’s award and the Student-Athlete Plac. My accumulative GPA for my high school career was a 3.7.

Now for the fun: my favorite color is orange….ironic i know, i love photography, making jewelry, drawing, reading, and writing.

#9 Erinn Winstead

Hi. You may know me as Erinn Winstead but what you probably didn’t know is that I have an alter ego. Her name is RINN STEAD and she is the infamous dog burglar of the 1930s. No dogs are safe, especially not if they are really cute and already potty-trained cuz that is just too dang tempting. My normal ego is a Sophomore that plays DS and goes to a fancy schmancy college. I feel that this ego contrasts so well with the other that NO ONE will ever realize that I am a criminal animal lover with a soft spot for cuddles and theft!! Huzzah!

#10 Mackenzie Peterson

Hi! I am Mackenzie, now known as Mac or Macdaddy by some. I am a 5’7” setter/defensive specialist from Beaverton, Oregon. I am a freshman and plan to major in Psychology, but am keeping my mind open to new ideas. I live with my mom and little brother at home and commute to and from Lewis and Clark. I quite honestly wish I could live on campus, so maybe next year!

Some random facts about me: I love to play beach volleyball. My brother and I have played in the huge Seaside tournament twice so far. My mom owns a used moving box company called Moving Boxes & More and I have helped her run it for about three years now. My little brother taught me how to throw a football (I’m pretty good at it too). Family and friends mean everything to me. I have been told that I am shy, but really nice to get to know once I actually start talking.

I am looking forward to starting this season off with a bang! Go Pios!

#11 Alicia Callejo-Black

I am Alicia Callejo-Black. You pronounce that like Alisha, as in Alicia Keys. My idol. I come from ‘Cisco in NorCal but I wish I was from SoCal because they it is Hella awesome. I hate the outdoors because it is so icky with bugs and dirt and wild animals. I prefer concrete. I am an only child and that was just the bees knees growing up. I play Libero.

#12 Kataleya Milan

Yo, I come from the BKK. Fer those who don no that is BANGKOK, Thighland!! Is real cray over thur. I came to Merica cuz I herd it was chill here. I rep my hood thru song and kickin butt at vb. Wut u might not know is that I be tuff as rox so don mess or u will be sry. Word.

#13 Tessa Belanger

Hi, I’m Tessa Belanger; 5’11”, somewhat blonde, big feet. I’ve always been trained as a middle hitter, but so far this season I’ve fit into the LC line-up best as a right side (and sometimes outside) hitter. I’m planning on double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies and my plan for after college is to save the world. My goal is to have lowered the C02 levels in the atmosphere to a sustainable level, completely reformed the food industry in America, and traveled the world by the time I turn 25. Some call me ambitious.

I love to rock climb, hike, mountain bike, swim, and paddle. I can’t wait to get involved with College Outdoors. I have a tendency to break into song and thoroughly enjoy making music with my friends. I have a passion for marine ecosystems and a slight fear of chickens caused, I believe, by an unfortunate encounter with a rooster when I was young. I am a certified SCUBA diver, self-proclaimed food snob, and stubborn optimist – give me an empty cup and I’ll still tell you it’s half full.

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my two brothers (Austin and Landon) and our incredible parents. I am so lucky to have the four of them, without their endless support and love there’s no way I would be where I am today. I went to a small Waldorf School for twelve years (the greatest gift my parents could have given me) before moving to Portland to attend Lewis and Clark. It’s been quite the transition but I am thrilled to be where I am. My team has been extraordinarily welcoming and patient with me, answering endless questions and providing me with an immediate community. I am so thankful to be a member of this team and can’t wait for the rest of our season.


#14 Sydney Roth

Hi I’m Sydney Roth. I’m a freshmen from California and a setter, maybe DS, who knows! I’m currently majoring in psych, but I will probably change my mind a few more times. I grew up in the small town of Lockwood, with two brothers and my two amazing parents. I am sorely missing my cat Mr. Grumpy and my horse (my best friend.) I love all things athletic; snowboarding, swimming, basketball, pretty much any sport. I have a secret talent of juggling and plan to run away with a circus one day to travel the world.

I’m superrr stoked for this season and the school year! Roll Pios!


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  1. Merrie Asher June 13, 2010 at 2:49 am #

    Absolutely amazing! My daughter and I have perused roster after roster .. looking for colleges (“fits”) that she might be interested in. The above effort speaks volumes about the college, the leadership … the winning hearts that make up this team. Best of luck!

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