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1st Half of Season

18 Oct

LCVB just finished the 1st half of conference play with a 3-5 record. We’ve been working hard and are striving to better ourselves in the 2nd half; we get another opportunity at every team we’ve played and we’re determined to come out on top. The first half of season has been full of hard work, some sadness and, of course, fun. Below are some pictures to let everyone know what we’ve been up to.

The reason we all come together is to play the sport we love with all our heart and every weekend (and sometimes Wednesdays) that’s what we do!

New Pre-Match Cheer

New Pre-Match Cheer






Valentine #4

Valentine #4



Unfortunately this season our middle hitter Isabel Valentine tore her ACL and is out for the remainder of the season. While this hit the team hard, we must keep moving forward and getting better as a unit. Isabel is remaining fully involved and using her sharp eyes to help the team from the sidelines. LCVB knows that it takes everyone doing their part: Team work makes the dream work.



During the first weeks of school a large slip and slide was set up on the lawn in front of Pamplin, there was even a DJ. There was a problem with supplying water and soap but we weren’t going to let that stop us. We filled buckets up with water and carried soap in our hands from the locker room and went slip and sliding. It was a blast! Afterwards we rushed to change and were ready for practice perfectly on time.


LCVB did some community service this fall along with some of the football boys at the Buddy Walk one Sunday afternoon. We got our faces painted, played twister, painted a car, raced ladder and danced like crazy.

LCVB at the Buddy Walk

LCVB at the Buddy Walk

Painting the Car LCVB Face paint

















Over fall break the team went to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island, all in flannel. We found our perfect pumpkins, got hay all over ourselves and enjoyed the country market.

LCVB Pumpkin Patch


At the Milk Bottle




While in Washington the team went to The Milk Bottle for a meal. Senior Kelsie Dorpat’s family runs the restaurant and makes some mean milk shakes.




LCVB has been making a presence at LC Football games. We even drove early to PLU to cheer them on and painted GO L&C PIONEERS! on our tummies.

yaya4 Yaya3















This weekend we kick off the second half of season against the Whits at home. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are having a pink game. We are also giving special recognition to senior Kelsie Dorpat’s mother who is a survivor of breast cancer. #rollpios


think_pink Breast Cancer Awareness


Preseason ’13

15 Sep

Aug 16th LCVB reported and hit the ground running. Although there were no 4-a-days this year, we had enough 3-a-days for us to appreciate our summer workouts. New this year were the PioGames! The team was split up into three teams (Teal Seals, The Lightning Bolts, Purple Attack Platypus Dragons) and over the first week competed in a series of activities to win the PioGames Crown. Activities ranged from water balloon fights to food art to egg tosses. The games culminated with Breakaway weekend in which the team hiked Multnomah Falls, deceivingly long, crowned the victors and had a sleepover including Mean Girls and tubs of ice cream. Preseason ended with a team trip to California where we learned we how sweaty everyone gets playing in a gym without air conditioning.

Preseason brought the team together, pushed us to be better and prepared us for the season to come. It’s just the spring board and we are two-footed jump kicking into Season ’13. Roll Pios.


The girls between practices


Seniors Alicia, Kayla and Kelsie with the new head coach Stacie Matz


Izzy and Alicia taking care of their bodies after practice and dressed in Beach attire for the PioGames


LCVB Superheroes having conquered the hike


LCVB Monsters and Aliens after the Water balloon fight


Winners of the PioGames: Purple Attack Platypus Dragons: Dani, Syd, Kayla, Izzy, Erinn


Vanessa & Alexe on the way up to the Falls


Brigitte, Kat, Carl & Alexe on the hike


Coach Diana, Alicia & Sydney with a cool tree


Pirate Day


Sleepover watching Mean Girls and eating Ice Cream


In the airport for the California trip



Top: Carl, Sydney, Dani, Alexe, Erinn, Vanessa, Mac
Bottom: Brigitte, Kat, Isabel, Alicia, Tessa, Kayla, Kelsie


Class of ’13

23 May

On Saturday, May 18th, the Lewis & Clark volleyball team graduated four amazing seniors; Jenn Dowdy, Elena Hoff, Leia Matsunaga and Sarah Sandholtz. Also walking that day were the previous year’s senior, Margaret Dowling (fall ’12), and our volleyball fanatic, Josh Spegman. These six individuals have helped to shape the program of LCVB, two of whom (Dowling and Matsunaga) have placed their names on the record board. On the court (and from the sidelines), they have pushed themselves to their limits for the game and have been the examples for the rest of the team to do the same. Off the court and behind the scenes, these young women and young man have left a lasting impression on those around them, especially their teammates. We thank you for all the laughter and love and we cannot wait to see what you will do with your lives after LC. Congratulations and good luck!

– Kayla Ernewein



New York, here we come!

28 Aug

The 2012 season has begun!  Five new pioneers have joined the team this year:  Alexi Provost-Shean, Erinn Winstead, Daniela de Kervor, Ali Carleton, and Isabel Valentine.  We have high hopes for the talent and intensity that these players will bring to LCVB, and after a week of preseason, it is clear that as a cohesive unit, the 2012 team has the potential to dominate.  We have been hard at work getting to know each other on and off the court as well as pushing ourselves in preparation for our tough upcoming conference matches.

After a  week of double, triple, and quadruple days, LCVB is off to our first tournament at Oneonta State in New York!  Go Pios!

Round Two

16 Oct

The last few weeks have been monumental for LCVB.  We began the conference competitions with two difficult away-matches against Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran.  After losing both matches, we pushed through a tough week of practice and moved into our next weekend, hungry for a win.  Beating George Fox in a five-match-long battle and Pacific University in four seemed to be the boost that LC needed to push us forward in the conference.  Unfortunately, the weekend after, we fell to Linfield and Willamette.

Determined to make a change, LCVB worked hard at practice to prepare for our final, home-game match-ups in round one of conference, against Whitworth and Whitman.  Whitworth was ranked number one in conference with an undefeated record of 7-0, and we had nothing to lose.  The team came together in a way that we have not done before, flowing together and communicating to create a single, cohesive unit on the court.  Not only did we play with our hearts, but we left everything on the floor: dominating Whitworth in a 3-0 win and ruining their undefeated record.  The next night, we did it all again against Whitman, winning 3-1.

LCVB has found its spark.  We ended the first round of conference with a bang and were ready to start round two the following week.  Throughout the week we continued our steady growth on the court during practice, and we entered the weekend ready to shake up conference.  We faced Puget Sound in our first home-game of round two, and just like the weekend before, we were ready to pursue a victory.  We defeated #19 in the nation, Puget Sound, in three sets!  Finally in our most recent match on Saturday against Pacific Lutheran, LCVB fought hard.  We left everything on the court and came out on top in a 3-2 victory against the Lutes.  This is the first win that LCVB has had over PLU since 2005, and it felt great.

It is safe to say that LCVB has really stepped up and set a new standard for its level of competition in conference.  Next weekend, we will face George Fox and Pacific University on the road.

Conference Matches!

16 Sep

On Labor Day weekend, Lewis & Clark began pre-season matches by hosting a volleyball tournament.  We set the bar high with our first, and five-game, match against Edgewood.  It was great to play on our home court against great competition.  This tournament allowed us to learn a lot more about ourselves, both as a team and as individuals.

On September 9 and 10, LCVB traveled down the coast to Thousand Oaks, CA for a tournament hosted by Cal Lutheran.  While we only won one of our matches, we showed a tremendous effort against both Occidental and Cal Lutheran.  Our determination, effort, and cohesiveness on the court really showed this weekend and will carry us through our conference matches.

After two consecutive weekends of tournament play, pre-season is over, and LCVB is ready to begin conference matches today!  This has been a tough week of practice, and we are all ready to show the effects of our hard work on the court!

Tonight at 7pm, we kick off the season with an away match against University of Puget Sound.

The 2011 Season Has Arrived!

28 Aug

It has been just over a week since the LCVB returning players and new recruits reported to campus to start the 2011 volleyball season!

On Saturday, August 20, we were all given the opportunity to meet a previous Lewis & Clark volleyball team.  This team won conference and finished runner-up in the national championships in 1986.  After talking to the players one-on-one about the school subject that each studied, the changes in volleyball over the years, and what allowed this specific team to achieve victory, head coach, Ron Kay gave an inspirational speech on his experiences working with this extraordinary group of women. 

The opportunity to meet such an iconic volleyball team was the perfect start to a very busy week and a great preseason.  On Sunday, after a day full of meetings with various members of the Athletic Department, the returning sophomores, Kayla Ernewein, Alicia Callejo-Black, Erika James, and Kelsie Dorpat, surprised the team with a scavenger hunt through downtown Portland, taking us from the waterfront and Naito Parkway to Powell’s Bookstore on Burnside.

Having enjoyed a great team bonding experience the night before, on Monday morning LCVB was ready to jump into the first day of preseason camp.  During the summer, each player worked hard to prepare for the start of season, and those efforts are visible every time we play.  It has been one week since the beginning of tryouts, and LCVB is well on its way to becoming a dominant force in the Northwest Conference.  Now, as school begins we will learn to manage our time in order to balance both academics and athletics, especially as we prepare for the fast-approaching 2011 season, beginning with our first matches this coming weekend!