Conference Matches!

16 Sep

On Labor Day weekend, Lewis & Clark began pre-season matches by hosting a volleyball tournament.  We set the bar high with our first, and five-game, match against Edgewood.  It was great to play on our home court against great competition.  This tournament allowed us to learn a lot more about ourselves, both as a team and as individuals.

On September 9 and 10, LCVB traveled down the coast to Thousand Oaks, CA for a tournament hosted by Cal Lutheran.  While we only won one of our matches, we showed a tremendous effort against both Occidental and Cal Lutheran.  Our determination, effort, and cohesiveness on the court really showed this weekend and will carry us through our conference matches.

After two consecutive weekends of tournament play, pre-season is over, and LCVB is ready to begin conference matches today!  This has been a tough week of practice, and we are all ready to show the effects of our hard work on the court!

Tonight at 7pm, we kick off the season with an away match against University of Puget Sound.


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